How it all began.

The Freeskin journey started after years of struggling to find effective skincare relief.

Despite a busy schedule, we studied and experimented with a mixture of fresh, natural ingredients. Batch after batch, we fine-tuned our recipe and methods until the quality and consistency was just right, and we were ready to test (on ourselves).

It worked!

Soon after, we began sharing our creation with family, friends and friends of friends who also struggled to find effective relief for eczema.

What we stand for.

We're committed to sourcing the best, high quality ingredients. And we're dedicated to making it fresh in small batches.

We know this takes us more time, but we believe it's time well spent.  

(We'd rather that, than have stock sitting on shelves week on week or stuck in storage boxes).

We're proud to say that Freeskin has proven to be a highly effective way to relieve the inflammation and itching that comes with eczema.

It really has changed lives. Giving eczema sufferers relief, but also the freedom and confidence to be get out and enjoy life.

We'd love to have you on our journey.