The natural way to soothe itchy eczema skin.

Freeskin eczema cream is handcrafted in small batches. There's no preservatives. Or additives. Just effective, natural eczema relief cream, made fresh and delivered to your door.

Freeskin Natural Steroid Free Eczema Relief Cream

We believe skincare products that treat eczema shouldn’t harm your body or cause more problems than they solve.

Freeskin Natural Eczema Relief Cream Made Small Batch Fresh

Because Freeskin cream is made fresh in small batches, there's no need to add preservatives.

Freeskin Natural Eczema Relief Cream Gentle for Babies

Our simple, steroid-free formulation is soft and gentle for even the smallest humans.

We blend nature.

For years consumers were told they needed products with hydrocortisone or betamethasone valerate to treat eczema. We believe there is a different way.

Freeskin Natural Eczema Relief Cream Made from Hawkes Bay Olive Oil
Loving the product. It helped heal the damaged skin on around my eyes and I've now been eczema free for a week. I'm so relieved I found it. Thank you so much.

Melissa B

My hands were cracked and painfully dry. I used every miracle product available and none were successful. Then I tried Freeskin. It was by far the most hydrating and soothing. It did what it says it can do.

Janine M

I suffer from eczema around my eyes. I'd tried every steroid cream under the sun, then I gave Freeskin a go and it worked like magic. I’m so glad I found Freeskin.

Nikki H

Freeskin has worked wonders for my grandson. After one week of lightly applying the cream to his eczema, the redness had disappeared, and his skin started improving. Such a relief. All we can say is thank you.

Eileen B

Awesome, thanks a lot! You guys have an amazing product, I'll be recommending it to friends of mine.

Harley W

New to eczema?

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Freeskin Natural Eczema Relief 101 for Parents

Eczema 101 - For Parents

Having a child with eczema can be a very challenging time for everyone.

Freeskin Natural Eczema Relief 101 for Adults

Eczema 101 - For Adults

While eczema is common amongst children, it can also appear as an adult.


Eczema Triggers

We list over 50 factors that have been known to trigger eczema.


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7 quick tips for managing the itch.

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Why is olive oil so good in eczema relief cream?

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