We've had a lovely summer.

Which is great for beach time, but sometimes the warm weather can trigger eczema irritation.

If you're in this boat, this may be the reason why.

Don't let sweat spoil your summer!

Perspiration is a natural way for your body to lower its temperature, and since sweat is mostly water, the evaporation process is what cools the body down.

However, sweat contains trace elements of zinc, copper, iron, nickel, cadmium, lead, manganese, sodium and chloride.

When these elements build up, there’s the potential to trigger eczema irritation.

Is your eczema flaring up over summer? Try these simple tips. 

  • If you get sweaty, rinse it off with fresh water when you can.
  • If your clothes are sweaty and clingy, change into some fresh.

We hope this helps.

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