Did you know that using olive oil for healthy skin dates back to the days of ancient Greece. They were certainly onto something!

This staple of the Mediterranean diet is literally packed with properties that make it good for skin. And particularly for relieving the itching and inflammation that goes hand in hand with eczema.

Here’s why olive oil is great for eczema relief: 

Olive oil seals in the moisture.
Your skin’s natural barrier is a shield. When that barrier is impaired by eczema, we experience dryness, irritation, sensitivities and inflammation. One of the best ways to ensure you have a healthy barrier is by maintaining moisture.

Which is where olive oil comes in. Olive oil acts as a natural sealant, trapping in water and blocking external aggressors. (Olive oil contains no water, so it doesn’t actually moisturise itself, but it makes the moisturising process far more efficient).

Acts as an antioxidant
Olive oil is high in vitamin E - an antioxidant that has strong anti-inflammatory properties. For eczema sufferers, it can help soothe irritated skin and manage oxidative stress. Some research shows that olive oil can also aid the healing of wounds.

Loaded with vitamins.
Extra virgin olive oil is rich in vitamin A and E and also D and K. In short, this makes olive oil a fantastic way to nourish eczema sensitive skins.

Where do we source our olive oil?
We source our extra virgin olive oil from a boutique, single estate olive grove in the Hawkes Bay. The small family owned business has 650 trees planted on 6 acres of free-draining, ashy sandy loam over gravel. The soil type is classified as ‘Poporangi’ known locally as red metal.

Below it flows the Heretaunga Aquifer. The area experiences hot, dry summers and frosty winters. Of the traditional olive growing regions of the world, it closely resembles that of Tuscany. The olives are cold pressed within hours of harvest.


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